Top 10 Social Media Active Tech CEO’s in Toronto

According to a report by brandwatch, the total worldwide population was 7.7 billion as of January 2019. Of those 7.7 billion people, 44% are active social media users (or 3.397 billion). The average daily time spent on social is 116 minutes a day. That’s significant.

Given the noisy world we live in today, capturing attention of customers and stakeholders is the job of everyone across an organization, from CEO down.

As such, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at who are the most active tech CEOs on Social Media. We looked for technology CEO’s in Toronto who were active across several social media channels, mainly; LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The selection criteria favoured those who posted regularly/consistently, posted recently, had more than 1 active social media account, engaged/interacted with their audience, and had a good followership base.

So, here’s our top 10 picks (in no particular order):

Sheetal Jaitly, Founder & CEO at TribalScale

Sheetal is always on. Pretty much everyone in Toronto now knows Sheetal or is connected to someone who does – his charisma and passion for tech is infectious. On LinkedIn, Sheetal mostly re-shares interesting articles and company updates, while on Instagram Sheetal is really open on both his professional and personal life – documenting time with family, friends, and travel. About 4 years ago, the founding members of TribalScale started the company over a few drinks at their favourite bar. In a short period of time, the company has grown to 211 companies and is ranked #6 on LinkedIn Top Companies (startups).

Connect with Sheetal:

LinkedIn: 11,232 followers

Twitter: 4,965 followers

Instagram: 1,332 followers

Michele Romanow, Co-Founder & President at Clearbanc


Michele is a serial entrepreneur whose passion lies in building tech companies and is the youngest Dragon on the hit CBC show Dragon’s Den. Michele was included in the Top 100 Canada’s Most Powerful Women and was a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award. She’s active on LinkedIn and Twitter but uses Instagram the most (in our opinion). She documents her experiences daily, the good and the challenging, and is really someone interesting to follow. From her stories on Dragon’s Den to her journey building Clearbanc, you’ll always find value in being connected with her. Michele really tries to reply to messages she gets and offer as much help/advice as she can to her community. She’s also known to interact/engage with her followership, rather than just post & ghost.

Connect with Michele:

LinkedIn: 8,040 followers

Twitter: 16.1K followers

Instagram: 23.6K followers

Paul Teshima, CEO at


Paul is a firm believer that culture eats strategy for breakfast and business culture can be built through storytelling. Another mantra Paul believes is that “your network is your networth.” On LinkedIn, Paul shares updates from events he attends, tech-related news, data insights that Nudge produces, etc. His company also publishes really useful lists like “Top 100 Most Connected Tech Companies & Startups in Toronto” Paul and his team really embody value selling.

Connect with Paul:

LinkedIn: 10,202 followers

Twitter: 5,670 followers

Instagram: 544 followers

Marie Chevrier, Founder & CEO at Sampler


Marie started Sampler with a vision to transform the way consumer packaged good companies distribute product samples. Clients like the Body Shop, Kimberly-Clark and L’Oréal now use it to ship samples to target markets and gather real-time data on their success. The company has attracted more than $3.3 million in funding to date. Marie is also the co-host of Tech Toronto’s newest community called Retail TO. Being an active member in the tech community, you can find Marie active on LinkedIn and Instagram – sharing events, company updates, and cool blogs.

Connect with Marie:

LinkedIn: 6,185 followers

Twitter: 1,454 followers

Instagram: 1,102 followers

Michael Serbinis, Founder & CEO at League


Michael is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple technology platforms, with over $1B in exits. Most recently, he founded a next generation health platform that is set to disrupt the world of insurance. Michael has been an active community member of Toronto’s tech ecosystem – and has been seen speaking on BNN, Bloomberg, at TechTO, and various conferences. He’s mostly active on LinkedIn and Twitter, and has an Instagram for more personal content. Other than sharing company-related news, Michael frequently shares articles about mental / physical health, life outside of entrepreneurship, and technology.

Fun fact: he developed jet propulsion systems at age 16

Connect with Michael:

LinkedIn: 6,267 followers

Twitter: 3,901 followers

Instagram: 288 followers

Vicki Saunders, Founder at SheEO

Vicki co-founded and ran several companies; 2 in Europe, 2 in Canada (one which went public on the TSX) and one in Silicon Valley. Today, Vicki is the Founder of SheEO – a global initiative to radically transform how we support, finance, and celebrate women entrepreneurs. You can find Vicki actively posting on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Vicki shares articles and posts to highlight women leadership in entrepreneurship and bring more awareness to the community with data and stories.

Connect with Vicki:

LinkedIn: 16,396 followers

Twitter: 7,658 followers

Instagram: 1,935 followers

Michael Katchen, Co-Founder & CEO at Wealthsimple


Michael loves working with great people to solve big problems. That’s why he founded Wealthsimple – to make smart investing simple, transparent, and low-cost for everyone. Michael was awarded Top 40 Under 40 and the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year. Michael is mostly active on Twitter and LinkedIn, and uses Instagram sometimes. Michael mostly shares updates about Wealthsimple and articles relating to financial literacy, planning, and saving/investing.

Connect with Michael:

LinkedIn: undisclosed followers

Twitter: 8,003 followers

Instagram: 711 followers

Allen Lau, Co-Founder & CEO of Wattpad


Allen is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and a Champion of the Canadian startup ecosystem. He also loves great stories, cool gadgets and innovative tech. His first company raised over $30 million, but ultimately failed. His second company FeedM8 was acquired by Upstream Systems. Currently working on Wattpad, Allen has turned it into a company that’s changing how entertainment is made. Allen is mostly active on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Wattpad. He shares really helpful articles around tech entrepreneurship and blog posts on where talks about business and life. If you want to connect with Allen on LinkedIn, make sure to be specific with your invitation and provide a note for context.

Connect with Allen:

LinkedIn: 3,842 followers

Twitter: 7,752 followers

Instagram: 6,257 followers

Emilie Cushman, CEO at Kira Talent

Emilie co-founded one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Education Technology space. She is a Board Member at NEXT Canada and has been awarded Forbes Top 30 Under 30. Emilie is great at documenting her journey as a founder. She can be found using Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Her posts range from activities at work, life updates, travel, and ballet (her personal passion).

Connect with Emilie:

LinkedIn: undisclosed followers

Twitter: 655 followers

Instagram: 576 followers

Derrick Fung, Co-Founder & CEO at Drop


Derrick runs a venture-backed startup in the consumer tech industry. Prior to that, he was an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at White Start Capital – a global venture capital fund. Derrick has been awarded the Top 30 Under 30 for Music by Forbes Magazine for his influence in the music industry in 2014 (when he was the CEO/Founder of Tunezy, a music startup that was acquired by SFX Entertainment in 2013). Derrick can be found actively engaging with his community on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. On LinkedIn, he mostly shares company-related updates and gets more personal on IG – showing us places he travels to, passions outside of work (like playing the piano), and his puppy Jamie. Derrick also reshares a lot of insightful articles relating to entrepreneurship and technology.

Connect with Derrick:

LinkedIn: 3,579 followers

Twitter: 2,871 followers

Instagram: 4,106 followers

Ed Bryant