Industrial IoT (IIoT) - Sampford's Quarterly Report

Every quarter we publish an Industrial IoT (IIoT) report on the latest trends in the industry including M&A, capital raises and general news. Below is a quick summary of this quarter’s edition.

In 2Q19, there were $5.5bn of dollars invested through M&A transactions in the space, with 192 transactions being completed at an average multiple of 1.2x revenue.

IIoT - 2Q Highlights.jpg

Notable Mergers and Acquisitions for the quarter included SnapAV’s acquisition of Control4 at a 2.3x Revenue multiple and 22.5x EBITDA.

IIoT - Notable Transactions.jpg

M&A deal volume (in dollars invested) is currently lagging last year’s amount quite significantly, but this could change as the year goes into the fourth quarter. Interestingly enough, the number of deals continues to rise implying much smaller transactions taking place than last year in particular.

IIoT - deal volume.jpg

Lastly, multiples in the space have held rather constant, at least as a multiple of revenue - coming in at 1.6x for the year-to-date period versus 1.7x for all of last year. However, EBITDA multiples have increased from the low teens area up to the high-teens.

IIoT - Multiples over time.jpg

There’s a lot more information in our full report including detailed landcape pages for Transportation, Factory, Infrastructure, Agriculture & Resources and City IIoT. Below is a snapshot of our transportation IIoT landscape page.

IIoT - Transportation Landscape.jpg

If you would like more information, please download the full report (for industry executives and investors only).

Ed Bryant